Leaving Lo Debar - Session #2


Welcome back to Week #2 of Leaving Lo Debar! I trust your week has gone well as we have begun our Trek out of Lo Debar. This week we are going to take a look at the negative ways un-forgiveness affects us and how blame also becomes a Gateway to Lo Debar.


Chapter #2:  The Blame Game Gateway to Lo Debar-It’s All Your Fault:

1.  Describe and talk about how blame can cause a mindset of un-forgiveness to flourish.


2.  What else can an unforgiving attitude give birth to?


3.  Many people believe that to forgive someone means you are condoning what they have done. Do              you agree or disagree?


4.  What is forgiveness to you?


5.  Why do you think forgiveness must be a “quick” work?


6.  Why do you think bitterness is so dangerous?


7.  Another product of blame is self-righteousness. Talk about how blame, un-forgiveness and self-righteousness all tie together into one nice neat package.


8.  In this chapter the author talks about “The Blame Game”. Write down some scriptures that can help you defeat this Blame Game.  Make no place with your words or in your thoughts to blame others or harbor un-forgiveness.  Pray and ask the Father to take this heavy burden you are carrying. Ask him to take away the heart ache and the pain. Up root anything in your heart that is not pleasing to Him. Release those who have hurt you.

Remember the enemy is always trying to use tactics which have worked in the past. Be wise to his ways.  Resist the temptation to pick up the Blame Game. Walk in freedom as Christ has set you free!

 We have talked about condemnation and blame. It’s My Fault and It’s Your Fault.  We discussed how those mindsets can lead us to Lo Debar.  But what about the times we end up in Lo Debar, but we have no idea how or why we arrived there?   That’s where we are headed to next week in Chapter 3.  Until we meet again!

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