First Impressions

Alice and I have been here almost two months. We want to say thanks to everyone who has given us such a warm welcome. We are honored to serve all of the ministers and local Churches of God across the Bluegrass State.

Our newsletter to you will be called Connections from now on. Please look for it to come to you several times a year. It will always contain valuable information about things we should celebrate together, as well as ministry opportunities we will all want to participate in. To begin our journey together, I thought I would share some of my first impressions of Kentucky.

Our State Office Staff is great. Rick and Cindy Shelby, Dawn Landon, Kimberla Arnold, Lori Amyx, Shari Jordan and Steve Jordan are all outstanding at their jobs and are a pleasure to work with. Alice and I appreciate the spirit of excellence with which they approach their work. We are also thankful for the warm reception we have received from the State Council and Women’s Ministries Board and look forward to working with them.

Ministerial Development is alive and well. I have had the opportunity to be at the CAMS/ MIP Orientation and the first seminar. The size and enthusiasm of this years class is impressive. The members of the Ministerial Development team are to be commended for their dedication in equipping and encouraging our new and advancing credentialed ministers.

Kentucky is beautiful. As we travel around, we are enjoying the beautiful scenery all over the state. We are anxious to see the beautiful Fall foliage over the next few weeks.


Our local churches are impacting their communities. Everywhere we go we are encountering reports of people being saved, baptized, filled with the Spirit and discipled. Outreach and benevolence ministries are demonstrating the love of Christ to cities and towns where we serve. The Church of God across Kentucky is truly being “Jesus with skin on”.

Our ministers have servant hearts and a visionary outlook. As we meet our ministers and their spouses, we are moved by their stories of dedicated sacrifice and their heart for the harvest and being a strategic part of FINISHing the Great Commission. They have a faith-filled and forward moving outlook.

Church planting opportunities are plentiful. Even with about 250 local churches in Kentucky, we still have room to grow. There are numerous cities and towns that remain to be reached by our witness. The future is ripe with possibilities.

Alice and I look forward to seeing you at our upcoming Ministers Meeting, November 8-9, 2018 at the Campground in Lexington. Until then, keep on being impressive for the cause of Christ.

Bishop Charles Fischer